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Long Beach.  Several custom-designed 3 story beach houses for a Builder/Developer.

Woodland Hills. Custom two story residence. Grade beam on pile foundation system. Steel moment-frames combine with high-strength shear-walls to resist earthquake forces.

Laguna Niguel. Three story mansion above underground parking garage. Large glass curtain walls. Many custom architectural details.

Beverly Hills. Large addition to an existing residence.

Venice, California. Three story 'spec' home project. Supported on 'mat' foundation.


Cell-site designs for many existing buildings throughout the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas. Telecommunication equipment cabinets added to roofs, inside existing rooms, or on slabs at ground-level. Antenna-structures of steel and FRP (Fiberglass-reinforced plastic); many innovative 'stealth-structures' to conceal the antennas which power the cell-phone system.

New 20,000 sq. ft. store in Santa Monica. Lateral forces resisted by Special Moment Frames designed to FEMA 350 specifications. Cutting-edge architecture required responsive and innovative structural solutions.

Major tenant improvement and seismic upgrade of 36,000 sq. ft. tilt-up building in Orange, California.

Four-unit condominium development in Redondo Beach.


Irvine. Tower made of FRP (Fiberglass-reinforced plastic) addition to major shopping center building. Roof needed extensive structural work to support 10 tons of additional load. 

Major library-building project in Newport Beach. Extensive computer analysis required for steel frames taking seismic load.

Honolulu. Tripler Hospital Addition and rehabilitation of various reinforced concrete elements.

San Francisco. Shoring calculations for deep foundation excavations. Prestressed component design.

Unusual Design Project: Outdoor pedestal-base to support a full-size jet-fighter plane in Irvine's Bill Barber Community Park.


Downey. Added a large chiller unit to existing roof structure. Seismic restraints needed upgrading.

LA City. Pipes and mechanical units required earthquake bracing on roof of large building.

Long Beach. Additions to existing residences. Bring existing structures up to code. Extensive remodels.

Newport Beach. Added third story to existing residence.


Railroad Bridge in Santa Cruz. Precast piles supporting concrete piers. Prestressed girders. Difficult site conditions.

International Airport, Hilo, Hawaii. Concrete and timber airport building structures. [It was here on the Big Island that my first son was born during a 7.2 magnitude earthquake.]

New Don Pedro Dam Project, La Grange, California. Divert the Tuolumne river, dig the gold-flake out of the rocks, build a 750' high earth-fill dam in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada: what fun for a graduate engineer!          


Construction observation of 100 tract-home development in Ventura. Post-tensioned concrete slabs on grade.

Typical examples: (1) home-owner requires an inspection report to satisfy a building department notice, (2) real estate transaction needs report to close escrow, (3) mortgage company calls for explanation of building settlement effects observed by appraiser.